Pell – Patience

It was rumored that More Life (Drake) would drop today, but nothing so far. Luckily, there are other artist that are actually dropping new music and Pell is one of them.

If you haven’t heard of Pell, you should really start paying attention! I have followed him for a while, but he is really starting to build momentum with his recent sound.

He has hit a perfect spot between catchy pop music and rap music, he just needs a song that can elevate him to the next level and this is perhaps it!

Calvin Harris – Slide (Feat. Frank Ocean & Migos)

Prepare yourself for this year’s best song (so far). I’m just gonna casually mention some names: Calvin Harris – Frank Ocean – Migos.

I can’t imagine a world without this song – how have I been living in a world without it for so long? Just stop everything you are doing and put this song on. If you have a bad day, it will brighten it. If you have an awesome day, it will become even better.


Alison Wonderland – Run

I was watching a Boiler Room show with Ryan Hemsworth from Dubai on Youtube yesterday. After the show was over, it recommended me to listen to another Boiler Room show featuring Alison Wonderland. I listened to it and it was really awesome – there was one song that stood out to me, though.

And now I want to share it as I can’t stop listening! There is just something about the way she sings the chorus while the beat drops that makes me want to listen to that part on repeat.

The production is really solid and if you put it on at a party I guarantee you that there will be heads bobbing! That’s also why you should listen to it with a good speaker system.

Injury Reserve – What’s Goodie (Feat. Cakes da Killa)

Injury Reserve released an album called Floss back in December. I have just gotten around to listen to it and it’s really good!

I especially like the song What’s Goodie – the beat is just so creative and the positive energy they bring in the song is crazy.

Give the song a listen and check out the album as well!

Cashmere Cat – Throw Myself A Party

Cashmere Cat, a Norwegian producer, recently released an album called Wild Love. Ever since it dropped, Throw Myself A Party has been added to several of my playlists.

The song is not your standard weekend-song but it can definitely kickstart your party if you need it to (and if others don’t like it, you just throw yourself a party).

Happy Friday!