Sufjan Stevens – Vesuvius

Today, I listened to Sufjan Stevens’ album The Age of Adz for the first time in my life. I know the album is from 2010 and that means that I’m 7 years too late to the party.

But you know what? I don’t even care because this album just became one of my favorites (I do have many favorite albums though) in only a couple of hours. I always saw his name pop up in music discussions and I honestly didn’t pay attention to it. I saw people praise him to the skies and I still didn’t care – BUT today I finally thought that I should give him a chance after I read someone saying that him and Kendrick Lamar are the voices of our generation. That intrigued me right away and I put on the album – and thank God I did!

Ever since DAMN released, I haven’t been listening to anything else. Yesterday, I saw Isaiah Rashad live and it was awesome – that has litterally been my only break from DAMN until now. The whole album is really impressive and I love the experimental parts. I honestly don’t know what I expected but the non-existant expectations I did have, have by far been exceeded.

The song that I chose was instantly added to my playlist – it’s such a beautiful song. His voice and sounds go together so well and the girl’s background singing just completes it all – what a song!

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Keith Ape – IT G MA Remix (josh pan Opus)

Let’s get some korean rap up in this! Keith Ape released a song 2 years ago called IT G MA that quickly became very popular among hiphop fans.

Since the song came out, a popular remix featuring A$AP Ferg, Waka Flocka Flame, Father, and Dumbfoundead was released and the song started to gain some traction again.

BUT… The whole thing was completed when josh pan (who is now signed to Skrillex’ label) jumped on and did a remix of the remix – he played around with the beats and production, but most importantly a verse by Anderson .Paak was added and daaaamn.. what a verse!

You should definitely check out the whole song (I know, it’s 14:25 minutes long), but if you just want to listen to Anderson .Paak spit fire, go to 8:40 and brace yourself!


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Oneohtrix Point Never – Zebra

People that know me, know I like all kind of different music. And I especially like weird music – music that doesn’t stick to a form intrigues me and I really appreciate when music moves beyond genres and becomes something else.

An artist that does this a lot is Oneohtrix Point Never. You never know what to expect and I love that I don’t know where the song is headed!

The song just does different things depending on my mood and it’s a different experience every time I listen to the song.