French Montana – Unforgettable (Feat. Swae Lee)

I had it all planned out:

Kendrick was supposed to drop his album today, I would have the new website up and running just in time for the greatest album ever – It could have been perfect!

But then he decides to only make the pre-order available today – so the album won’t be coming out until next Friday. What a tease!

Luckily, there is a whole lot of other music being released today that can ease the pain a bit. French Montana teamed up with one-half of Rae Sremmurd to deliver this catchy dance tune.

Just how great is Swae Lee on this hook? I think he is one of the best artists to bring on the hook right now – definitely up there with The Weeknd and Frank Ocean.


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Drake – Passion Fruit

More Life is out! I have been listening to it all day and honestly, some of the songs on here are no doubt his best songs in a while!

I was so disappointed with Views – sure, it had some good songs, but overall, I felt like Drake was uninspiring and boring which led to the album sounding pretty flat.

More Life is the complete opposite that. I didn’t get bored at all listening to this. He switches between the different styles perfectly ( rap, dancehall inspired, and R&B) and every song has an unique flavor to it.

This is the Drake I wanted with Views – if you didn’t like Views, definitely give this one a chance. I am really impressed with the sound!

Even though I like the whole project, there is one song that stood out. I haven’t been this blown away by a Drake song since when I first heard Marvin’s Room. I love everything about the song – give the man who made this beat an award. This has officially become my new late-night-everyone-has-gone-home-and-i’m-alone-on-the-dancefloor-song and Drake’s voice works on every level with this production.

I hope his next album is filled songs like this. Not to take anything away from the rest of More Life, but this is definitely Drake at his best in my opinion!


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