CHINAH – Young

I have can’t get enough of the this song. I listened to CHINAH’s newly released album and this song in particular stood out to me.

I love the guitar that gets added later in the song – it just sounds really good. The whole album is pretty solid and if you are in the mood for some chill vibes then this is definitely for you.

Give the song and album a listen!

2 Chainz – It’s a Vibe (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign, Trey Songz & Jhene Aiko)

Sunday vibes! 2 Chainz (with friends) got you covered with this perfect laidback song.

It seems 2 Chainz is making a comeback to the mainstream after releasing a couple of mixtapes that didn’t get too much attention. I see a lot of potential in this song as well as the other song, Smartphone that was released simultaneously.

I hope you like the vibe as much as I do!

THEMpeople – As Da World Turns

I’m blown away right now!

I love it when there comes a song along that just blows you away – perhaps it’s because you don’t expect it, but today’s song is perfect in every way. The word perfectly (pun intended) describes the song – it just gives you a feeling of perfection.

TheMIND, Smino and Via Rose came together to create THEMpeople and they released an EP consisting of two song. Both songs are pretty good, but this one… this one is just 4 minutes of pure perfection. The guitars, the horns, the drums, the singing…

I don’t even know what to say – just listen to it for yourself when you have a moment of peace and you will understand!

It’s only on Soundcloud for now, though.


Isaiah Rashad – Heavenly Father

Have you ever needed some “late-night-driving-around”-music?

Then look no further! Isaiah Rashad got you covered. His mixtape Cilvia Demo is easily one of my favorites mixtapes of all time. It just has a chill vibe and that’s why it’s perfect for when you are driving – you can’t help but bob your head along to it!

The song Heavenly Father is definitely a standout and it’s my favorite song from the project – but make sure you listen to Ronnie Drake and Shot You Down as well.

He’s coming to Europe this spring and I’ve got tickets to his show in Aarhus which I’m really looking forward to.


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The Durutti Column – Otis

Today, I want to share a song that I first heard in a set by Jamie xx. I immediately went looking for a song id and the song has become my go-to song when I just want to relax and put on some chill music. I can’t wait for warmer days, so I can listen to this song while feeling the sun shine on me.

The song is currently only on Youtube, but I urge you to listen to it if you need some warm tunes!