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Kweku Collins – Oasis2: Maps

Kweku Collins released a new album called grey the other day and it’s pretty dope overall.

Ever since I heard him for the first time on Vanilla Skies, he has been on my radar and now he finally came through with new music.

Kweku got everything going for him – an unique sound, he can both rap and sing, great ear for melodies. I honestly believe he can get big if he plays his cards right and I hope this will help him get some exposure.

So check out the song as well as his album – I bet you will find something worth listening to!

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Blackbear – If I Could I would Feel Nothing

Today, I discovered a new artist! Blackbear released a new album today called Digital Druglord and I really like his sound. It reminds me a bit of 6LACK who I made a post about a while ago.

The production is really the highligt of the album and that counts for this song too. His voice isn’t anything special, but I feel like he puts a lighter spin on the sound that a lot of the OVO artists have as together with 6LACK and The Weeknd (at least his old mixtape sound).

This song is perhaps one of the darkest sounding on the album and I love how he builds up this sad and drugged out vibe by changing the pitch on his voice – check out the song and the whole album as well just below!

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Raury – God’s Whisper

If you haven’t heard of Raury before, you need to start listening now! First time I heard this song, I was blown back by how much I actually liked it.

The chorus will get stuck in your head with no way to get rid of it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Luckily, it’s a good song so you don’t mind it being stuck.

If you like the song, listen to both his albums. They are really good and I can’t wait for his next project.

Jidenna – Bambi

My sister recommended me to check out Jidenna’s new song, Bambi. I can only say that the repeat button has definitely been utilized and I’ve been listened to the song all morning.

I really love the vibe of the song – the lyrics are great, the beat is phenomenal, but I think his vocals are the real highlight of the song – It’s just so soothing!

I urge you to listen to it – I can only imagine you will add it to your favorite playlist if you do!

NAV – Some Way (Feat. The Weeknd)

Oh boy.. There is a reason to be excited anytime The Weeknd comes through with new music. This time he’s on the feature-seat with Nav taking the lead.

BUT as we all know (this is an indisputable fact) whenever The Weeknd jumps on a song, it basically becomes his. There are several examples of this (Or Nah, Remember You) and I believe it applies to this one as well. Sorry Nav!


Bobby Raps – Desensitized

I love Fridays! New music is out and it’s impossible to keep up with all the good music being released.

Bobby Raps (thestand4rd) released a single from his upcoming project and it’s crazy good! It’s not often that music surprises me, but this definitely did. The emotion, the rawness and the distorted sound makes this one hell of a track – Thank you Bobby!

The only problem is that it’s not on Spotify or Google Play Music (Soundcloud got it covered though). Listen to the song and let it blow you away like it did to me!


EDIT: The song is out on both Spotify and Google Play Music now!


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Shlohmo & Jeremih – No More

Today’s post will be about one of my all time favorite songs!

It is my most listened to song on my Google Play Music account. I simply love every aspect of the song – it literally gave me chills the first time I listened to it.

The song is featured on a joint EP made by Shlomoh and Jeremih. The EP called No More instantly became my favorite project of 2014 and I still listen to it frequently.

Unfortunately the EP is not on any streaming services so you will have to listen to the song on Soundcloud. BUT give the song a listen and I know you will love it as much as I do!


Sean Leon – Kill My Mind

I posted a song with Sean Leon not that long ago. His new album I Think You’ve Gone Mad (Or the Sins of the Father) apparently dropped today and DAAAMN – I’m impressed!

I have listened to it all day and have already forgotten about whatever else dropped Friday (Sorry other Sean). There are so many good songs on the album that I can’t even decide what song to post. The album has a very cohesive sound, so I will definitely advice you to check out the whole album.

If I have to pick one song, it will have to be Kill My Mind. The hook is really catchy, the beat is good and you can hear the passion is Sean Leon’s voice. All in all, one of the best songs on the album.