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Kids See Ghosts – Cudi Montage

These last couple of weeks, I’ve been busy listening to all kinds of different music, that I completely forgot to share it with the people!

Kanye West has been on fire these last couple of Fridays – and I’m not thinking about whatever “scandals” he stirred up with his Donald Trump and MAGA comments – It’s all about the music.

3 albums in a row: Pusha T’s Daytona, his own Ye, and lastly Kids See Ghosts, his collaboration with Kid Cudi. All these albums are only 7 songs long, but I hope that this trend catches on. We need less filler and more quality! Way to go Kanye for showing that it’s possible in this streaming era.

I’m not going talk about every album individually, the only comment I’m gonna give is: IF YOU HAVEN’T HEARD THEM YET, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? (That did come out a bit aggressive, but you should really check it out). It’s some of Kanye’s best production and that says a lot considering his earlier work.

Every single song is something special, but the reason I chose this particular one is very simple. It’s the best one!

Kid Cudi and Kanye have a great chemistry here, and Kanye’s verse is some of the most heartfelt I’ve heard from him in a while. Kid Cudi’s moans are something of a meme at this point, but there is a reason for this. Just like clichés are a thing because there’s a universal truth to them, Cudi’s moans are perhaps the most truthful thing you will ever hear this year (This comparison somehow sounded better in my head – the point being that Kid Cudi is back, better than ever).

The guitar is sampled from Nirvana and gives the song a gloomy sound – not very surprising given that it was produced by Kid Cudi, his long time collaborate, Dot Da Genius and another genius among them, Mike Dean. In the last part of the song, Mr. Hudson joins in on the chorus and from there on, I was already in heaven. The song really left me feeling a certain way after the first listen and now I can’t stop listening!

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XXXTENTACION surprised everyone last friday when he dropped his second album, ? (Question mark) less than a year from his first album, 17.

I listened to 17 back when it released and while I didn’t enjoy it all that much, I don’t think anyone can deny that XXXTENTACION has the raw talent to deliver something great. Now, after listening to ?, I definitely feel like he is improving in all areas of his music, even though I still find some of them lacking – his lyrics are a bit too superficial for me and some of the songs don’t feel fully fleshed out.

With that said though, Moonlight hooked me in right away and didn’t let go until it finished. The beat is a big reason for this as it’s one of the most creative beats I heard in a while. XXXTENTACION utilizes the beat in a great way with his hook and his flow fits the beat perfectly. It’s one of those songs that gets stuck in your head way too easy, all due to the infectious flow and vibe rather than some catchy lyrics.

If you have been following XXXTENTACION at all, you already know some of the things from his past that still haunts him. I have always been very ambivalent about supporting artists that have done things I don’t agree with in their personal life (Why Chris, Why!?), but considering XXXTENTACION’s age, I believe he can turn his wrongdoings around and mainly focus on his music where he, at times at least, is able to deliver something truly unique!

Young Thug – Family Don’t Matter (feat. Millie Go Lightly)

Young Thug keeps on surprising me with these releases! When Jeffery came out, I was so excited for the direction he took. Him flowing together with the melodies has always been Young Thug’s strongest too, in my opinion and that’s one of the reasons why Jeffery is so good.

This Friday he released a new mixtape as a follow up to Jeffery called Beautiful Thugger Girls. He continues the singing from Jeffery on this and I can’t believe that he made some kind of mixture between rap and country-singing. Even just mentioning country with Young Thug in the same sentence seems ridiculous, but it just works on every level.

The guitar in the chorus reminded me of Raury’s God’s Whisper and that’s definitely a positive thing cause I loved that song. The feature from Millie Go Lightly has to be mentioned as well cause she just kills it and elevates the song even further!

If you listened to Young Thug before, but didn’t like him, you should give this one a chance. If you never listened to Young Thug before, give this a go and go listen to the whole mixtape if you liked it.

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SAINt JHN – Reflex

Yesterday, I was looking through the line-up at Rolling Loud Festival that was recently held in Miami – if you are a fan of hip hop that list is just PACKED! I almost knew everyone of the bigger artist, but there were a lot of the smaller artist that I had either heard a bit about, but never listened to or just straight up never heard of them.

I decided to listen to at least one song by the artists I didn’t know and there were a lot of cool different artists, but only one really stood out to me – SAINt JHN!

I think it has something to do with his voice and the way he sings/raps with a lazy flow. The production is on point and the chorus is catchy – everything necessary to make a good song!

Go listen to his music, he has only released 5 songs in total so it will be a quick listen – and support him if you like what you are hearing by following his SoundcloudYoutube, TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

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