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SOPHIE – Is It Cold In the Water?


This is the title of SOPHIE’s new album. As some of you have already guessed from the title alone, this album is weird. Very weird. Or should I rather say… interesting.

I love the experience you have when you listen to this album from beginning to end. The whole emotional spectrum is active during the listen, and it’s actually difficult to listen to some of the songs. The beats are so unusual that it’s  impossible to react properly to it – I’m in awe as well as disgusted by some of the songs. This is what SOPHIE does best. The album challenges the way you think about music, and that is a big reason why this album does something for me. It challenges the way I think about music – WOW!

I realize that the above passage was about the album rather than the song. I don’t care anymore. SOPHIE doesn’t seem to care about tradtional music structure, so why should I care?

There is some order to all the chaos, and the reason I chose Is It Cold In the Water as the song I wanted to put forward, is because it perfectly captures some of this order during chaos. In the end, it all comes down to the build up. The build up in this song is flat out amazing. I felt blueballed throughout the whole song – I just wanted the beat to drop so hard in the end that it would put every EDM song to shame. But it didn’t happen.

It didn’t give me the satisfaction of ecstacy – and I respect the song a hell of a lot more for that. If you want to experience this right, you should listen to the album from start to end.

The answer to the song title is a perfect answer to your listening experience of this album – it’s chilling!

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The Weeknd – Call Out My Name

My Dear Melancholy, a surprise EP from The Weeknd just dropped today!

I did not expect this at all, but what a welcome surprise! When you are as talented as The Weeknd, it’s really hard to do wrong musically and this EP is an excellent example of this. There are only six songs on the EP, but they all hold their own especially if you are a fan of The Weeknd’s earlier material (The mixtapes/Trilogy, Kiss Land).

The opening song quickly became my favorite after the first couple of listens as it has everything I love about The Weekend – A slow tempo, dark sounding beat Abel singing out his frustration and pain over the breakup with Selena Gomez. This theme is a reccuring one throughout the whole EP, but on Call Out My Name, he truly goes all-out and it feels like an one-to-one “transfemotion” [Transfer Emotion] which is a pretty remarkable feat! (There is an ACTUAL description for this phenomenon though: Emotional Contagion)

I will always be a bit biased towards The Weeknd’s older stuff as I absolutely loved House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence and listened to the mixtapes way too much back in the day. Because of this, everytime Abel does anything that even resembles this sound, I can’t help it but love it. This song (and EP) is everything I hoped for and more!


Enter Shikari – Live Outside (edit)

It’s crazy how far Enter Shikari has come ever since I heard their first album, Take To The Skies. On Friday, their new album Spark will be out and from the sound of it they have gone into a new direction once again.

Enter Shikari has always played around with different genres and a mixing of sounds – it’s one of my favorite things about them. You never know what to expect. But that’s not completely true. They definitely do have a particular sound to them – that’s why this song is both a completely new, experimenting track as well as a familiar Enter Shikari sound. I can’t image how hard it must be for bands to experiment and try different stuff, while keeping the core of your band intact – but I feel Enter Shikari manages just that!

Even if it is a bit more pop-influenced than their previous releases, I definitely welcome this change and I can’t wait to hear the other songs.

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Cigarettes After Sex – John Wayne

I listened to this song all day last Thursday – I listened to the album after reading a review on Soundvenue, a danish website that writes about music, movies, fashion and other current trends. And I can only agree with the review – It’s a really good album!

I was just laying in my bed listening to the album a couple of times – and suddenly, while this song was playing, something just clicked! The whole song just made sense in a different way and I actually ended up putting it on repeat for way too long.

It felt like the song captured me in a dreamy wave that carried me along in a slow and steady motion – not too slow, not too fast – a perfect middleground that’s usually really hard to capture in a song. The vocals fit the dreamy vibe perfectly and you get attached to the vibe in a weird way that makes you relate to the story in the song.

I was definitely surprised by the whole album and this song in particular. The band name (and album name) perfectly captures the whole vibe of the album so I would recommend to listen to this if you just want to relax in your bed with your eyes closed.

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Frank Ocean – Lens

I know, I know.. I’m a bit late with the song, but I have to post it. It’s Frank blessing our poor souls with track after track in 2017!

I don’t think anyone expected this would happen after waiting 4 years from Channel Orange for Endless/Blonde, but I’m so happy that we get these tracks – there is even going rumors about that he will release Endless as an album with all new featured tracks (which definitely could be a real thing now that Slide On Me released with a Young Thug feature), let’s hope so!

The song itself is classic Frank. Pouring his emotions out with a beautiful and chill instrumental going on in the background – sonically, it’s a mixture between Blonde and Endless with the added autotune on his voice and the ending is like something straight out of Endless.

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Lana Del Rey – Lust For Life (Feat. The Weeknd)

Lana Del Rey’s new album is coming out soon and a single with The Weeknd dropped not long ago!

I never knew how much I wanted a collab with these two until now. Their voices go together like bread and butter – it’s just so smooth! The beat isn’t anything extraordinary, but with these two you don’t need an overpowering beat as long as it compliments their sound – and it does work on that level – their voices are the star of the show, just like it should be!

This make me really excited for Lana’s new project!

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Charli XCX – Dreamer

Today I’m posting a low key banger by Charli XCX! She just released a new project that’s actually pretty good if you are into PC music.

I’ve never listened to any of her music before (except for Boom Clap which I didn’t care for) but if Number 1 Angel is representative of her music, I will have to check some of her older music out as well.