Jaden – Summertime In Paris (Willow)

“Summertime is meant to fall in love”

Jaden is back with ERYS, a new album which is the conceptual follow-up to his first album SYRE. And if you were expecting anything else than that, you will probably be disappointed. It’s not a bad album at all, but he didn’t really evolve or innovate his sound too much.

BUT that doesn’t mean there aren’t great songs on the project. And Summertime In Paris is definitely the strongest one. I got to be honest and say I enjoy this side of Jaden way more than on songs like ICON or Ghost (both good songs though). That’s why I still listen to Ninety or Lost Boy – he just hits a different note on songs like that.

Willow adds a great verse and some edge to the song while there is backing vocals from some of the other members of MSFTS (I definitely hear ¿Teó?). This song has that ‘instant-in-love’-sound and you only need one listen to get it – the sign of a catchy song!


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