Daniel Caesar – ENTROPY

Daniel Caesar hits us all with a new surprise project called Case Study 01. I didn’t expect it at all (considering it was a surprise project, this is probably a normal reaction), but it’s everything I didn’t know I needed. That’s the beauty of these surprise project when executed well. They always come at the perfect time.

If you have been following the blog for a while, you know I’m very fond of this guy called Daniel Caesar. His sound is really something worth paying attention to – and ever since I went to his concert last year, he has become one of my favorites. His last album Freudian was a masterpiece, and even though I don’t feel as impressed by Case Study 01 yet, it’s important to give it some time. I wasn’t feeling IGOR by Tyler, the Creator in the beginning either, but that’s an album that will definitely make it in my top-5 albums this year.

ENTROPY is the opening song and I just knew that it was the one I was gonna share with you. This is the perfect Daniel Caesar song, and it’s probably the one I would recommend to check out first to get a sense of his music.

As always the lyrics is something worth mentioning here. Daniel really understands how to take something complex and make it relatable through his writing. Entropy refers to the second law of thermodynamics – things will always move towards entropy, a disorder of things. Daniel has always used a lot of metaphors and it just makes sense on a human level whenever he describes something through these metaphors.

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