Workout 2019 (feat. Modestep – Leave My Mind)

Happy new year to everyone!

A new year is over us and you should already have made it a habit to write 19 instead of 18. This isn’t the only change as all the new year resolutions are taking place in most of the world’s gyms these days – ‘New year, new me guys! I promise this time it will be different’.

To be fair, I am doing something similar myself. I recently saw Creed II and was more than motivated by it. And that’s why it’s the perfect time to make a post about my workout playlist and my all time favorite workout song: Modestep – Leave My Mind. This song never fails to get me hyped up for a good workout session!

I guess some would say all d’n’b is good workout music (and they wouldn’t necessarily be wrong), but this one got that extra oomph! When the synths hit you, you can’t help but smile knowing that when the drop hits, you are going to give your 100 % whatever kind of exercise you are doing.

But this isn’t the only great workout song I listen to – so if you need some motivational music be sure to follow my playlist on Spotify:

Be sure to follow the blog as well if you want more great music content – and comment your favorite workout song so I can check them out. Maybe they will even be added to the playlist!


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