Daron Malakian and Scars on Broadway – Till the End

Tomorrow, Lil Wayne is releasing Carter V and you can consider me officially excited. This post won’t be about Lil Wayne or even rap actually. Some time ago Daron Malakian released a new Scars on Broadway project called Dictator.

As a HUGE System of a Down (SOAD) fan, I obviously have followed the solo careers of the members and even though their solo projects never reached the levels that SOAD project did, there is still a lot of good music to discover in these projects. After listening to Dictator all the way through, the same feeling came over me. There were a couple of good tracks, but most of the tracks didn’t do it for me.

A track that really did do it for me though, was this one. Till the End is a beautifully well-composed track that actually feels more like a raw pop song with some heavy rifts in the background. The lyrics are a simple, but touching as Daron plays around with the delivery of his voice. It’s definitely adding to the overall rawness of the track, and it’s perfectly balanced by the melody of the song.

Even if you aren’t usually into heavier rock stuff, I think you should give this song a chance – I’ll bet it will get stuck in your head like it happened to me (which is the actual reason for why I’m doing this post now, even though the album has been out for a while).

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