Choker – El Dorado

It’s been a while since I posted anything, but I’m currently very busy doing my master thesis in Corporate Communication. This means that I won’t have time to update with new music as much as I would like to – BUT it also means that when I hear something really good, I can’t help myself but to write a piece on it.

I will admit I am kind of late to the party with this one – Choker’s album was released back in May and I can figure why. The dreamy and sweet space sound fits so much better for spring/summer time than autumn, but this doesn’t make me appreciate the work any less. The whole album is still really good and could perhaps become one of my favorites this year! – I’ll need to listen to it for a bit longer before I jump to any conclusions, though.

It was hard for me to pick out a song from the project – I could tell right away that it would be hard, because the whole album flows in a way that almost make you feel bad for listening to a song on its own. It’s not very often I get this feeling from an album, but it witness to how beautiful the album is. The songs are great on their own – but in the context of the album, they are much more touching.

The reason that I did end up choosing El Dorado is simple – It’s one of the most accessible songs on the project. The songs in general don’t have simple structures – this very much reminds me of Frank Ocean (The comparison had to come at one point), but this couldn’t be a bigger compliment. As some may know, Frank Ocean is perhaps my favorite artist (right now at least) and when I read about this comparison, I just had to check Choker out – and it definitely played out better than I ever anticipated.

Choker will be really interesting to follow – what will he do next? He pretty much made this album all by himself – and if this is what he can come up with on his own, I can’t imagine what he can do if he starts collaborating with other greats artists in the industry (Please keep this non-structural format in your songs, though).

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