Moses Sumney – Don’t Bother Calling

Google Play Music has done it again. I was just recommended the new album by Moses Sumney called Aromanticism and I guess me listening to Daniel Caesar’s new album has everything to do with it (I just found out, that Moses Sumney did the vocals to a Flume track called Weekend, which is an awesome track that you should check out as well).

I didn’t expect to like this spacy jazzy soul as much as I do, but it really resonates with me for a reason. It’s the perfect music to put on a sunday evening when there isn’t much to do other than chill and relax on the sofa or in your bed.

The dreamy vibes I get from this album is like putting a piece of candy in your mouth, and as soon as it touches your tongue, it just melts and leaves your mouth full of different sweet flavors.

And the song I have chosen is the perfect representation of this. Moses’ voice is a godsend and the falsetto gives of the candy-vibes, but it’s done in a mature way, so I never feel like it becomes too much. If you like Daniel Caesar or Childish Gambino’s song, Flight of the Navigator, you will definitely like this release.

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