Knox Fortune – No Dancing

Some of you may recognize the name Knox Fortune if you ever listened to Chance The Rapper’s mixtape, Coloring Book. The song was such a happy dance track that you couldn’t possibly sit still.

This time Knox Fortune switches it up a bit. The song is called No Dancing, but I would argue that the song has quite the opposite effect on me. I definitely feel like moving while listening to the song, but only in the last half when the beat hits cause the lyrics tells a totally different story – I love how the song gives off both vibes at the same time.

So if I had to describe the song (and I’m doing just that), I will have to say that it’s a sad dance track (JUKE). One you put on when the party is over and you suddenly remember that special someone you aren’t in touch with anymore. Your body will be moving even with all the tears dripping from your cheeks – so happy Friday to all you sad-dancing people and be sure to check out the rest of Knox Fortune’s album, Paradise (there are happy tracks on there as well).

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