Daniel Caesar – Transform (feat. Charlotte Day Wilson)

It wasn’t that long ago that Daniel Caesar released his album, Freudian and I was sold the second I heard the first song.

Despite being from Toronto, he is one of the newer upcoming artists from there that don’t copy Drake or the OVO sound, instead going his own way – and what a way he chose! The album as a whole is great, but what really shines on this project is his voice. His voice reminds me a bit of John Legend’s and that is never a bad bad thing. Mix this with a more interesting sound and you definitely got my attention.

Some of the songs litteraly gave me chills – the flow of the album is great, and every song is strong on its on, but works beautifully as a whole as well. I urge everyone to give this album a listen if you are looking for tender love songs and excellent piano play with a modern twist.

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