Cigarettes After Sex – John Wayne

I listened to this song all day last Thursday – I listened to the album after reading a review on Soundvenue, a danish website that writes about music, movies, fashion and other current trends. And I can only agree with the review – It’s a really good album!

I was just laying in my bed listening to the album a couple of times – and suddenly, while this song was playing, something just clicked! The whole song just made sense in a different way and I actually ended up putting it on repeat for way too long.

It felt like the song captured me in a dreamy wave that carried me along in a slow and steady motion – not too slow, not too fast – a perfect middleground that’s usually really hard to capture in a song. The vocals fit the dreamy vibe perfectly and you get attached to the vibe in a weird way that makes you relate to the story in the song.

I was definitely surprised by the whole album and this song in particular. The band name (and album name) perfectly captures the whole vibe of the album so I would recommend to listen to this if you just want to relax in your bed with your eyes closed.

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