Young Thug – Family Don’t Matter (feat. Millie Go Lightly)

Young Thug keeps on surprising me with these releases! When Jeffery came out, I was so excited for the direction he took. Him flowing together with the melodies has always been Young Thug’s strongest too, in my opinion and that’s one of the reasons why Jeffery is so good.

This Friday he released a new mixtape as a follow up to Jeffery called Beautiful Thugger Girls. He continues the singing from Jeffery on this and I can’t believe that he made some kind of mixture between rap and country-singing. Even just mentioning country with Young Thug in the same sentence seems ridiculous, but it just works on every level.

The guitar in the chorus reminded me of Raury’s God’s Whisper and that’s definitely a positive thing cause I loved that song. The feature from Millie Go Lightly has to be mentioned as well cause she just kills it and elevates the song even further!

If you listened to Young Thug before, but didn’t like him, you should give this one a chance. If you never listened to Young Thug before, give this a go and go listen to the whole mixtape if you liked it.

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