Soft Cell – Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

I was watching Master of None Season 2 (Watch both seasons NOW if you haven’t – it’s on Netflix) and this song starts playing in a really “touching” scene and I just had to add it to my playlist.

The song was made 35 years ago which is almost half a decade ago – wow. It made me wonder how many old, but good songs are or will be lost, just because new music is made everyday and people move on to new things. It’s impossible to listen to every song in the world, but if I was able to choose a superpower, I would choose to  be able to stop time when listening to music. That way I could listen to every single music piece in human history (Only what’s still obtainable of course) – On the opposite, the blog would have way too many posts and it would be impossible for any other person to actually check it all out!

The song really has that 80’s touch to it and I love how the lead singer (Marc Almond) mixes singing and talking in the verses and then the chorus hits and you can hear the passion in his voice – the emotions are pretty much pouring out of him at this point and I really enjoy the rawness in his delivery!

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