Brockhampton – Face

Brockhampton is a collective much like Odd Future – and they are making some of the most interesting music (and other stuff) right now.

Last year, they released a mixtape called All-American Trash which was one of my favorite releases and it seems like they aren’t slowing down in 2017. They released a song called Cannon a couple of months ago and recently announced their 2nd mixtape called Saturation along with this song as well.

If you can ever fall in love with a song, this is what has happened to me. The song is so smooth all the way through – the chorus is sweet and catchy, the verses are on point and it’s all being brought together by the simple beat and melody that mesmerizes you into a love-trance!

Unfortunately, the song is available on other streaming services – but this way you get to enjoy a video as well.

Just click here to check out some of their other music if you like it as much as I do!




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