Forest Swords – Panic

WOW! That is the only thing that can describe what I feel right now.

I was looking forward to listen to Logic’s new album Everbody as it came out today. And just before I put it on, I listened to some of the other releases that Google Play Music suggested. Forest Swords’ album Compassion was one of the suggestions and it was suggested because of my interest in Shlohmo. As some of you may know, Shlohmo is one of my favorite producers, so I had to check out this project.

As I listened the album just clicked with me right away. The production, the sounds, and most importantly the mysterious vibe it gives is out of this world. I literally got chills throughout the listening session and the whole album has been playing on repeat the whole day. Sorry, Logic – maybe I’ll listen to your album tomorrow.

For now this is the soundtrack to my Friday, I don’t even care that it isn’t the usual upbeat weekend-music. Everyone who has exams right now, can probably relate to the track much better anyway (I, for one, definitely can)!

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