D.R.A.M. – Gilligan (Feat. Juicy J & A$AP Rocky)

Big Baby D.R.A.M. released a new banger with some help from Juicy J and A$AP Rocky! The song is a lot harder than what D.R.A.M. usually brings, but the style actually suits him.

Both Juicy J and Rocky has great verses and they fit perfectly on the beat – and D.R.A.M. kills the chorus! It’s becomes catchy after a few listens and I have had the chorus stuck in my head for a while now.

It will be exciting to see where D.R.A.M. takes his sound next. After Cha Cha and Broccoli he seemed really to have found and stuck with a positive vibe, but this song is totally a different approach, so I’m really excited for his next move. There’s nothing to do but wait it out (and enjoy this track while you wait).

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