Enter Shikari – Gap In The Fence

And I am back with another nostalgic monday post! This time it is featured one of my favorite bands called Enter Shikari. I started listening to them around 2008 when they were recommend to me by a friend.

Even though I liked their debut album Take To The Skies from 2007, they really cemented themselves as my favorite band with the release of Common Dreads in 2009. While Take To The Skies had a raw sound, Common Dreads incorporated a more electronic approach to the songs that I was a big fan of.

One of my favorite things about the album was how seamless the transitions were between the songs and I remember listening to it the whole summer 2009. That was litterally the only album I listened to that summer – it was just so good! I have to point out the genre mixing in this album as it featured the standard electronic hardcore that Enter Shikari was known for, but there were different elements of drum n’ bass, dubstep as well as trance mixed in and it blew my mind at the time that it was possible to mix so many different genres.

This so is one of my favorite song of all time by Enter Shikari. It’s a bit more chill compared to their other songs, but I hope you will like it as much as I do – ¬†definitely give the whole album a chance if you do!

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