Sufjan Stevens – Vesuvius

Today, I listened to Sufjan Stevens’ album The Age of Adz for the first time in my life. I know the album is from 2010 and that means that I’m 7 years too late to the party.

But you know what? I don’t even care because this album just became one of my favorites (I do have many favorite albums though) in only a couple of hours. I always saw his name pop up in music discussions and I honestly didn’t pay attention to it. I saw people praise him to the skies and I still didn’t care – BUT today I finally thought that I should give him a chance after I read someone saying that him and Kendrick Lamar are the voices of our generation. That intrigued me right away and I put on the album – and thank God I did!

Ever since DAMN released, I haven’t been listening to anything else. Yesterday, I saw Isaiah Rashad live and it was awesome – that has litterally been my only break from DAMN until now. The whole album is really impressive and I love the experimental parts. I honestly don’t know what I expected but the non-existant expectations I did have, have by far been exceeded.

The song that I chose was instantly added to my playlist – it’s such a beautiful song. His voice and sounds go together so well and the girl’s background singing just completes it all – what a song!

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