Fishmans – LONG SEASON

Today, I have been listening to a band from Japan Called Fismans. They made an album called Long Season back in 1996. The best way I can describe the music is dreamy alternative with a lot of different elements from different genres.

The songs are mostly instrumental with some Japanese singing – but it all adds to the feeling of being in a dream especially when I don’t understand what is being said. The production on this is out of this world – the whole album is like one long song split up into different parts and the cohesiveness is just a joy to listen to.

I wasn’t able to find the album on any streaming services other than Youtube, but you have to give it a listen anyway – You really won’t be sorry. The only thing I am sorry about is that I haven’t heard about the band before. Unfortunately, the lead singer died back in 1999, so any new music won’t be likely.



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