Funeral For A Friend – Escape Artists Never Die

Welcome to another post on this fine monday where I will take you back to some of my favorite music from back in the days!

It’s my all-time favorite song by Funeral For A Friend and it really takes me back to the days when MSN Messenger was a thing. I always had to have some profound lyrics as my statement next to my name and it usually had something to do with love – which a lot of the songs from Funeral For A Friend are about.

The whole song is pretty great, but it really goes to another level from 2:07 where there is a break and it slowly builds up to the greatest outro (4:12) in a song! The structure of the song has always been one of my favorite things about it and I believe that’s why it’s one of my favorites.

Even though my general music taste has moved a bit away from this type of music, I can go back to it at anytime and enjoy it as much as I did back then! Give this song a listen and if you like it, try listening to some of their other great tracks as well – StreetcarRoses For The DeadHospitality.

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