Drake – The Calm

Today’s Nostalgic Monday post will be a continuation of the More Life celebration. Drake has been one of my favorite artist ever since I heard him for the first time in 2008.

His mixtape So Far Gone was my favorite release back then and I tried to get all my friends to listen to him as well (with moderate succes). I still go back to the mixtape from time to time and the songs don’t sound dated almost 10 years later. I believe Drake will be remembered for a long time in music in general, but definitely among one of the best hip-hop artist of all time.

There are different classics one the project, but my number one favorite is The Calm. This is the epitome of Drake for me – sharing his inner thoughts and emotions on a beat produced by Noah “40” Shebib. Back when Drake was still plotting to take over the rap game – his journey is truly inspiring!


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