System Of A Down – Aerials

I have always listened to a lot of different music. I still remember one of my first encounters with System of a Down. A bit after they had released the video to Chop Suey, I got a hold of their second album Toxicity and that’s when the fandom slowly became a thing.

I must have been 9 or 10 years old at the time and I had never heard anything like it. In the beginning, I only liked two song – Chop Suey (cause I had already heard that one on TV) and Aerials. Damn.. I listened to Aerials so many times, I think my parents still remember the lyrics (not voluntarily).

The real beauty of the psychical album version was at the end of Aerials. There was a bonus song called Arto – it finished the album in the best way possible. The Spotify version has the two songs separated, but when it came it on in the psychical version it was such a weird and pleasant surprise. I loved it!

I soon learned to appreciate all songs on the album and they are still my favorite band. I can’t imagine that changing anytime soon.

If you haven’t checked System of a Down (besides the popular songs), you will do yourself a service by doing it now. They released a double-album back in 2005 called Mezmerize-Hypnotize that isn’t as hard as Toxicity, so check out that first if you are not usually into Alternative Metal.


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