Taylor Bennett – Grown up fairy Tales (Feat. Chance the Rapper & Jeremih)

Taylor Bennett deserves some love! He just released an album called Restoration Of An American Idol that you should give a listen.

For those of you who don’t know him – he is the brother of Chance the Rapper (Chancelor Bennett) and I think you could have guessed it just by listening to Taylor as they definitely have a similar sound, especially their vocals (but of course they do, they are brothers).

Chance is featured on the song together with Jeremih and apparently the verse Chance spits is from the Acid Rap era – Taylor saved it for this tape and it’s Chance at his best.

That doesn’t mean Taylor can’t keep up, though – in fact, I believe he is slowly closing the gap musically and maybe he can reach some of the mainstream audience that Chance has gotten. It will be interesting to follow.

The song and the project can only be heard on Soundcloud (for now at least)



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