Nas – N.I.*.*.E.R.

Nas has released one of my most listened to album of all time. And no, it’s not Illmatic even though it’s arguably the best rap album of all time (I don’t agree).

Back in 2008 Nas released an album that ended up being called Untitled (apparently it is self-titled on every streaming service) because he was not allowed to call it Nigger. As you can guess, the title definitely indicates what themes the album touches upon and I love how Nas is able to paint a picture of some of the struggle that Afro-Americans go through in modern America.

Check out the album when you have some time to digest it from start to finish (For the full experience, read the lyrics while you listen). If you are unsure if it’s something for you, just listen to the song in this post. It’s a good preview of what the whole album sounds like!


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